Skinny Snowman Challenge Audit

I’m ashamed to say it, but I’ve not been keeping up with my blog reading lately.  That whole family-in-town thing threw off my schedule a bit.

So I didn’t hear about Brooke’s Skinny Snowman Challenge until today – which is just past the entry deadline.  Ok, so a few days past.  Obviously, I can’t enter. . .and I certainly can’t win.  But there’s nothing that says I can’t audit the challenge!

I’m pretty excited about this one, in case you couldn’t tell.  It has charts!  And points!  And little boxes to check off!  Oh, what joy!

I’ll probably post about it weekly.  I don’t get into The Blog all that often as it is, and if I try to do something daily, I’ll bail.  I do plan to keep the Google Doc updated more frequently, though – so if you want to check up on me, feel free!

Onward and Upward, friends.  🙂


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