Planning Ahead

“Plan ahead”. . .I’ve heard those two words so, so, so many times over the past 20+ years from my Mom.  Because she’s smart.  And she knows my natural talent for procrastination coupled with indecision.

She’s also right.  Surprised?  Neither am I.

Yesterday, I didn’t plan at all.  I left the house with no idea what I’d eat for the day.  Aaaaand, here’s what happened:


Image from

Yes, I realize that I was ok on points, but just look at how I got there!  I mean, Burger King?  Really?  Eeesh.  Today will be a different story.  Here’s the plan (which does include eating out for lunch. . .it’s one of my coworker’s last day, so we’re taking him out on the town):

Image from

What a difference!  I’m getting there, guys.  Next stop:  Meatless Monday and weekly meal plans.  Also, I’m looking forward to next week’s WW – we’re going to talk about routines.  Something I’m (obviously) sorely in need of!  Food routine and exercise routine, here I come!


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