Skinny Snowman Challenge: Week 1

Well, my first week was a bit of a bust – only 170 points.  Working on Week 2!

5 Daily Positives – Tuesday:

  1. The scent of chai tea.
  2. Seeing God work out even the smallest of things.
  3. The colors of autumn lighting up the office courtyard.
  4. Wearing old jeans that fit again.
  5. A much-needed break between project deadlines.

5 Daily Positives – Wednesday:

  1. Encouragement from a new (to me) blogger.  What a story!
  2. One-stall bathroom at the office that allows lunge/squat sessions throughout the workday.
  3. Christmas party invitations!
  4. Insurance agent responses – she’s so fast, guys.  ‘Tis delightful.
  5. The anticipation of heading home to the Hubs.

5 Daily Positives – Thursday:

  1. Free tomato basil soup!
  2. A beautiful yellow butterfly just outside my office.
  3. Talking with my FIL on IM – they’re headed home tomorrow. . .
  4. WW meeting – gain (boo), but talked with a couple of the ladies.  Making connections!
  5. More blogger encouragement – and conviction.  Thanks, Tammy!

5 Daily Positives – Friday:

  1. Planning my meals at the beginning of the day.  Wow, what a difference.
  2. Our guest room.  I love this room, guys.  Seriously.
  3. Watching three little ones so our friends can have a weekend away.  They’re cute as all get-out. . .but I am a bit nervous.  It’s been years since I entertained three kids at once!
  4. Seeing how excited our puppies get when we let them out of the kennel after work.
  5. My sweet Husband. . .who slept in the living room to make sure that Child #3 didn’t wander out the front door in the middle of the night.

5 Daily Positives – Saturday:  Um, wow.  I didn’t have time to breathe all day, never mind list the positives.  Kids are exhausting!


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