Skinny Snowman Challenge: Week 2. . .

Got distracted and never posted these. . .got distracted from the entire challenge, though.  Pretty annoyed at myself for that.  I really underestimated the amount of time I’d spend not-at-home once the in-laws arrived.  Anyway, the daily positives still made me smile, so I thought I’d go ahead and post them here.  I did love reading everyone else’s challenge posts, though it was well after the fact.

5 Daily Positives – Sunday:

  1. A quiet house.
  2. Watching little hands grip the syrup jar.
  3. J’s laughter.
  4. Lunch with friends.
  5. Re-reading old favorites. . .in the bathtub!  So relaxing.

5 Daily Positives – Monday:

  1. My nightguard made my gum recession reversed by 50%!  Ridiculous thing to get excited about, I know – but definitely a Positive.
  2. Catharsis.
  3. Grandma’s birthday!
  4. Talked with my Mom for a bit. . .trying not to be too distracted by Hubs being a goofball in the background.  Crazy man.  🙂
  5. Got some Christmas shopping done.  Whoop for online shopping!

5 Daily Positives – Tuesday:

  1. Sweet Christmas gifts from our favorite reprographics guy – thanks, Mike!
  2. Finding sheets – love that one-stop shopping thing.
  3. Fasting.  Love it.
  4. Unexpected visit with Hubs’ sweet aunt – seriously, the sweetest person ever.
  5. 7 excellent hours of sleep. . .plus I get to check it off on the WW 360 routine!

5 Daily Positives – Wednesday:

  1. Big drop on the scale!  Unexpected, but lovely.  🙂
  2. Tried some fig preserves in my oatmeal for breakfast – delicious, and reminds me of our honeymoon.
  3. Discovered wall push-ups!
  4. Ridiculous text from Hubs. . .the man is crazy, I tell you.  Wonderful, but crazy.
  5. Was able to explain something to one of the Newbies at work today – successfully!  Yay for teaching moments.

5 Daily Positives – Thursday:

  1. A fun office Christmas card – no more heads on elves!  Now we’re going to be Who’s.
  2. Today is my Friday.  YES!
  3. Replaced my morning coffee with chai.

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