Flipping through my home page, I realized that I mostly post on Mondays.  And it’s mostly Friend Makin’ Monday stuff.

I think that’s because I myself get bored reading about the minutia of the weight loss journey.  I like the personal stuff.  The struggles, the encouragement, the non-scale victories.

But the minutia – that’s where the accountability comes in.  Where I have to tell you that I just ate a half-sleeve of Oreos. . .for no apparent reason.  I’ll stay within my PPV, but still.  Oreos?  Oiy.  Easy to hide those things behind FMM & 30 before 30 posts.  (That’s a today truth, people.  The other half sleeve is sitting on my desk, and I’m moments away from taking them to the community shelf in the kitchen.)

So what am I doing here, then?  Am I here for “the pretty,” or for the nitty-gritty?  And what needs to change if I want both?

Because I do.  I do want both.  Actually, I want the pretty.  I need the accountability.  So, both it must be.

Below is what I’ve consumed thus far today.  Exercise nights will be Monday, Wednesday, Saturday.  Tonight, I’ll do a 30 minute video or take a walk in the field, depending on the light level when I get home.

Onward and upward, friends.


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  1. I feel you. It’s so easy to convince myself that it’s OK to eat junk as long as it fits within my calorie allowance. I ignore the fact that my body fat % seems to go up when I snack on junk and down when I keep my protein up. In the long run what good is it if I lose a bunch of weight if a majority of it isn’t fat but muscle. *sigh* Just know you aren’t alone and there are those of us who appreciate the “nitty-gritty” as well as the pretty.

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