What an exhausting day.

Awful weigh-in this morning.  1.5 lb. gain – ?!  What?  Bah.

Super busy day at work.  I didn’t even stop for lunch.  Thankfully, I had a Naked green machine smoothie in the fridge.  Delicious!

Trying so hard to finish this project strong.  There’s only 1.5 weeks left, and then I deliver the construction doc’s.  I’m really looking forward to seeing this project come to “life,” and to working on something new for a bit.  I’ve been looking at the same thing for nine months now.  But boy, do I ever know it inside and out!

Probably going to be stuck with a DVD workout tonight.  I really want to be outside!  It’ll be dark by the time I’m home.  Maybe I can convince Hubs to go on a walk with me. . .or take the pups out in the field.  We shall see.

This may be awful to say, but I’m thankful my in-laws are out of town for the evening.  I absolutely love spending so much time with them – but my house is in dire need of some TLC!  I’ve not finished the dishes stack since (I kid you not) mid-December.  Yeah, I’m that person.  At least for the moment.  Don’t worry, it makes me cringe too.

A bit stream of consciousness today.  I’m awfully moody.  I’m not pregnant again.  But hey, at least I can cross off number two.



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