Well, hello there.  Sorry I’ve been gone for a bit.

I’ve not been avoiding you, or anything.  It’s been a question of logistics.  I typically write posts on my lunch break, from the office.  Oh, I play with the publishing times, just for the fun of it, but the actual writing?  That happens at my desk.

The other day, our phone system started freaking out. . .again.  Apparently, a bunch of the new hires have been streaming music/etc. all day, and since our phones and internet share space, and. . .well, you get the idea.  Clogged pipes!

So, the new office policy is that no non-work internet use happens on the office systems.  Le sigh.  I’m still trying to figure out how to do the writing, actually.  I’m home sick today (nothing terrible – just need rest, chicken soup, and vitamin C), so have access to the computer.  Normally, Hubs uses it in the evenings.

Anyway, life has been busy of late, guys!  My sweet SIL is engaged!  Yay!!  And her wedding is SOON!  And it’s here. . .and she lives overseas. . .so we’ve been busy.  Excited as all get out, but definitely busy.

Last week was the bridesmaid dress shopping escapades.  Ugh.  I’m not shaped the same as the other girls, and the MOH is more comfortable in a dress that I am incredibly uncomfortable in.  Thankfully, the bride is content with the MOH having a different dress.  Also thankfully, the other bridesmaid is happy with either dress.

I admit, I’m SO glad that’s over!  The only problem is that I had to buy a size that’s really too big.  The 12 fit, but was so tight, I could hardly breathe.  I really wanted to buy it, but couldn’t risk a plateau affecting her wedding.  So now, I have to manage the alteration thing.  Hopefully it’s not so big on me at that point that even an alteration won’t work!

On the other hand. . .hopefully it is.  😉


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