30 before 30: #7

#7. Purchase & hang blinds/curtains throughout house.

Date accomplished:  11/10/2012

So, I think I’m going to call this one done.  Technically, there are four more windows that could have coverings added to them.  However, I have no plans to cover them at the moment.  They all look out toward a field, so there’s no chance of someone (accidentally) seeing inside.  Also, I really like having less visual clutter on our walls, and I absolutely love natural light.  Our windows are pretty small, so adding any coverings significantly decreases the amount of natural light coming in.

I wrestled with putting anything on the office/guest room windows for a long time, but was finally forced into it when we had family come to stay with us over Thanksgiving.  I can’t really ask guests to change clothes in a room with wide open windows facing the street, now can I?  I do love the result, though!  Now I just need to remember to open these babies so I can enjoy the way the light pools in there.  Seriously, guys – it makes the floors glow.  I love it.


Sorry about the quality – my camera isn’t exactly one that I can fine tune. The lighting is lovely in person, I promise!



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