{couldn’t think of a title}

Here I am again, folks!

I’m sore today.  Oiy.  Who’d have thought a 20 minute workout could wreak such havoc on my muscles?  It feels good, though, to be sore.

Sundays are my rest day, which makes starting a workout regime on Saturday dangerous.  Today is a crucial day.  I will work out this evening.  Planned to this morning, but didn’t get up in time.  I’ve a singular talent for sleeping through the alarm clock.

Food is odd today, but has been better than most un-prepared-for days:

  • Breakfast – Coffee & creamer – 12 oz. / oatmeal & 1 T fig preserves
  • Lunch – 6 oz. Greek yogurt w/ 1/3 C granola / 2 hard-boiled eggs / 1 mandarin orange
  • (Supper plan – couscous salad)
  • Water – Wow – none so far.  Remedying that situation pronto!
  • Vitamins – Done and done.

In other news:  My SIL decided she’d like her bridesmaids to wear Sskeo sandals – with yellow straps.  I am ridiculously excited about this.  I know, I know – they’re just shoes. . .but what a great idea!  Shoes that can change styles literally every time you wear them. . .and what a wonderful way to support industrious women!


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