Ok, so.  What the heck.

I’ve gained 5 lbs. in the past month. I’m right back where I was in what, October?  Also, why oh why am I taking so long to lose this weight!  Months of maintenance are annoying.

Worse even than that, last week was awful.  I’m talking multiple break downs at the office, kind of awful.  Despondency, anger, despair, hopelessness – all were in complete control over me last week.  Just like before.

I hated who I was then.  I worked so hard to get away from that place.  And one month – One Month – and I slipped right back in!

Then, I ran across this blog.  Go ahead, click on over.  It’s good stuff.  You know I love a good list!

So, here’s my Doldrum Attack Plan (already partial completed!):

Item #1:  List Everything I’m Behind On:

  1. Pay bills.
  2. Sort mail.
  3. Deposit checks.
  4. E. Wedding – Bachelorette – plan desserts.
  5. E. Wedding – Bachelorette – find movies.
  6. E. Wedding – Make seating sign.
  7. E. Wedding – Rehearsal Dinner – choose outfit:  black pants/”high-waters” with my fancy new blouse and black rose bud shoes.
  8. E. Wedding – figure out how to tie sandals.
  9. E. Wedding – decide hair style.
  10. Calendar gift – find hooks / make calendar.
  11. E. Engagement gift book – write note.
  12. E. Bachelorette shopping – take SIL.
  13. Groceries – pulled pork family supper.
  14. Hang photos in Living Room.
  15. E. Wedding – wash/sanitize drink tub.
  16. N. Engagement – find planner.
  17. N. Engagement – sample pricing research.
  18. B. Wedding – RSVP.
  19. Update G&M address.
  20. Purge e-mails.
  21. Answer e-mails.
  22. Mail towels/pictures to G&GK.
  23. Call G&GK.
  24. E-mail photog. Re: feathering effect.
  25. Start E. Wedding mixbook – Modern Wedding style.
  26. Camera – charge battery.
  27. Purge library.
  28. Find Google Reader replacement.
  29. Purge blog reading list.
  30. Prepare side house for J.
  31. Wash pups.
  32. House remodel.  (I know, I know – big one!  Can’t exactly be crossed off in a matter of minutes. . . but weighs on my mind)
  33. Research new cameras.
  34. Wash sheets.
  35. Mail registration.
  36. Start vitamin regimen.
  37. UH invoice research
  38. Get organized at work – new project!

Item #2:  The House – Get Under Control!

  1. Clean tub.
  2. Clean bathroom.
  3. Fold laundry.
  4. Sweep/vacuum.
  5. Clean out fridge.
  6. Clean windows.
  7. Clean beside bed.
  8. Set “chores” schedule.

Item #3:  Parenting…um….not applicable.

Item #4:  List Practices That Make Me Feel Healthy (in no particular order. . .)

  1. Date nights.
  2. Exercise
  3. Movie night w/ NC.
  4. Reading new books.
  5. Cooking.
  6. A clean house.
  7. Seeing K family.
  8. Drinking a plethora of water.
  9. Time alone.
  10. Walking in the field with my camera.
  11. Dinners w/ NL.

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