2013 Bucket List: #6

(Definitely thought I’d posted this ages ago. . .apparently not!)

#7. Hand-pick strawberries. . .or apples. (Update:  or blueberries)

Date accomplished:  6/22/2013

I don’t know if you noticed, but my 30 Before 30 page has been re-named.  That’s right, I missed my deadline.  Oops.  Also, is anyone surprised?  Ha!

Anyway, I have been chipping away at the list – I even finished one!  Ok, so I altered it slightly, but I think pick-your-own blueberries is just as good as strawberries or apples.  Also, it’s much more appropriate to my region.

Some friends from church galvanized our little group to go out one Saturday afternoon last month.  All of the kids lined up to take a picture (at one of the moms’s request), and the proprietor thought we were a summer camp!  Yes, there are that many of them.  It was hilarious!



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