Trapped? Not so much.

Today has been crazy.  A good kind of crazy, but. . .it’s only 2 PM, and I’m exhausted!  I had a mole removed this morning, had Sweet Pea’s MDCP initial home visit (which I was ridiculously nervous about – gotta love that fear of the unknown and/or messing up), and am trying to help out with the office stuff.

That makes for a busy day, yes, but not a crazy one.  Sweet Pea brought the Crazy.  My girl is very very upset today.  She’s just cranky.  Gassy, probably.  She won’t tolerate being not-in-my-arms.  I finally got her to sleep about 30 minutes ago.  Normally, she’s about to start her second nap of the day!

Plan for the afternoon is to work. . .gotta get those thank you’s recorded and written, and Sweet Pea’s room is a disaster area right now.  Don’t worry – nothing hazardous, just messy.  But, we’re making it a point to get outside when it cools down this evening!

It’s so easy to get trapped in your own home with an infant, especially one with extra cords & tubes attached.  Hubs has helped me remember that there’s a lot more to the world than what’s inside these four walls.  And that’s critical to my mental and emotional health!  Yet another reason I’m thankful for that man.

Nothing more than an update today.  Further Up and Further In!


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