2013 Bucket List: #19 – Part 1

#19.  Have my college t-shirt quilt made.

Date accomplished:  TBD

Last Christmas, my Mom gave me a “coupon” to have/make my college t-shirt quilt.  It’s been a busy year, and so we’d not done much more than pick out the shirts to use until about Thanksgiving.  Maybe we can roll it into a quilting session for baby?

Ha.  Something tells me this list of mine is going to change and/or be halted in the near future. . .


2013 Bucket List: #6

(Definitely thought I’d posted this ages ago. . .apparently not!)

#7. Hand-pick strawberries. . .or apples. (Update:  or blueberries)

Date accomplished:  6/22/2013

I don’t know if you noticed, but my 30 Before 30 page has been re-named.  That’s right, I missed my deadline.  Oops.  Also, is anyone surprised?  Ha!

Anyway, I have been chipping away at the list – I even finished one!  Ok, so I altered it slightly, but I think pick-your-own blueberries is just as good as strawberries or apples.  Also, it’s much more appropriate to my region.

Some friends from church galvanized our little group to go out one Saturday afternoon last month.  All of the kids lined up to take a picture (at one of the moms’s request), and the proprietor thought we were a summer camp!  Yes, there are that many of them.  It was hilarious!


30 before 30: #7

#7. Purchase & hang blinds/curtains throughout house.

Date accomplished:  11/10/2012

So, I think I’m going to call this one done.  Technically, there are four more windows that could have coverings added to them.  However, I have no plans to cover them at the moment.  They all look out toward a field, so there’s no chance of someone (accidentally) seeing inside.  Also, I really like having less visual clutter on our walls, and I absolutely love natural light.  Our windows are pretty small, so adding any coverings significantly decreases the amount of natural light coming in.

I wrestled with putting anything on the office/guest room windows for a long time, but was finally forced into it when we had family come to stay with us over Thanksgiving.  I can’t really ask guests to change clothes in a room with wide open windows facing the street, now can I?  I do love the result, though!  Now I just need to remember to open these babies so I can enjoy the way the light pools in there.  Seriously, guys – it makes the floors glow.  I love it.


Sorry about the quality – my camera isn’t exactly one that I can fine tune. The lighting is lovely in person, I promise!



What an exhausting day.

Awful weigh-in this morning.  1.5 lb. gain – ?!  What?  Bah.

Super busy day at work.  I didn’t even stop for lunch.  Thankfully, I had a Naked green machine smoothie in the fridge.  Delicious!

Trying so hard to finish this project strong.  There’s only 1.5 weeks left, and then I deliver the construction doc’s.  I’m really looking forward to seeing this project come to “life,” and to working on something new for a bit.  I’ve been looking at the same thing for nine months now.  But boy, do I ever know it inside and out!

Probably going to be stuck with a DVD workout tonight.  I really want to be outside!  It’ll be dark by the time I’m home.  Maybe I can convince Hubs to go on a walk with me. . .or take the pups out in the field.  We shall see.

This may be awful to say, but I’m thankful my in-laws are out of town for the evening.  I absolutely love spending so much time with them – but my house is in dire need of some TLC!  I’ve not finished the dishes stack since (I kid you not) mid-December.  Yeah, I’m that person.  At least for the moment.  Don’t worry, it makes me cringe too.

A bit stream of consciousness today.  I’m awfully moody.  I’m not pregnant again.  But hey, at least I can cross off number two.

30 before 30: #27

#27. Dance in the field.

Date accomplished:  1/12/2013

Ok, I’m not sure what I expected this one to be like.  Freeing, maybe?  A release of some sort?  Spinning around, singing, like Maria, perhaps?

In practice, I just felt awkward.  A bit silly, really.  I did do it, though!  The pups were kind of confused, but what else is new?



I guess I’ll save my dancing for in the car.  🙂

30 before 30: #8

#8. Host a family (birthday?) party.

Date accomplished:  12/25/2012

Well, I certainly didn’t expect to host Christmas, of all things, but that’s the way life goes!  Hubby’s family was in town over the holidays, and our house was the logical choice to meet.  Unfortunately, it was also supposed to happen the day we got home from Christmas with the other side of our family.  Which happened right after our AR trip.  Gah!

The house wasn’t the cleanest it’s ever been.  And my sweet SIL & I were wrapping gifts in the office 30 minutes past when the party was “supposed” to start, but hey!  It was wonderful.

We laughed so hard, these eight crazy hearts and me.  It was chaos of the most lovely kind.  Not how I expected to satisfy this 30 Before 30 item, certainly.  But I’m glad it happened this way!

Christmas 1

Christmas 2

Christmas 4

Christmas 3

Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom. ~ Psalm 90:12

30 before 30: #20

#20.  Reach out to M.

Date accomplished:  10/22/2012

Well.  That was unexpected.  A text from M this morning.  Guess I’m working on #20 a few weeks sooner than anticipated!  I’d planned to mail something mid-November, but there may not be any need to involve the postal service (which is good.  Those people are nuts).

I’m going to go ahead and cross that one off my list.  I’ve reached out.  We’ll see what happens from here.

Today’s verse was Proverbs 15:23 – “A person finds joy in giving an apt reply— and how good is a timely word!”  How good, indeed.