Marinated Strawberries with Mango Sorbet

This is a tried-and-true recipe for me.  Not sure why it’s not been added to the list before this!  I found it last summer.  Strawberries are absolutely wonderful in my neck of the woods during the summer.  I know it’s not limited to my general area, but still.  It’s one of the things I love about summertime!

The carbs are a bit high, which isn’t surprising when you consider the sorbet, but it’s a wonderfully light dessert option.  Stick with the mango sorbet, though – the alternate (lime sherbet) doesn’t complement the strawberries or mint nearly as well.


Marinated Strawberries with Mango Sorbet


Daily Log – 11.02.09

Jelly Bean, Jelly Bean – wherefore art thou Jelly Bean….

  • Breakfast – 5 slices bacon (230), 1 Yoplait strawberry kiwi yogurt (100)
  • Snack – 4 oz. coffee w/ creamer/sweetener (11), 1 C jelly beans (413), 6 oz. water
  • Lunch – pot roast (180) w/ gravy (60), potatoes (68), carrots (14) & onions (15), 16 oz. water
  • Snack – 8 oz. water, pear halves (60)
  • Supper – pot roast (180) w/ gravy (60), potatoes (68), carrots (14) & onions (15)
  • Other – 1 Vit. C chewable

Daily Calorie Intake: 1488

Daily Water Intake: 30 oz.

Daily Exercise:  TBD

The meal itself isn’t all that bad, calorie count-wise!  It’s also a pretty good source of nutrion, I think.  I’ll know better after Friday, though!  🙂  Here’s the recipe, in case anyone wants it:

  • 2-3 lb. beef roast
  • 2-3 carrots (large, not baby)
  • 3 medium potatoes (preferably red)
  • 1 bay leaf
  1. Wash carrots & potatoes.  Slice potatoes approx. 1/4″ thick & line bottom of Crock Pot with them.
  2. Slice carrots & onions (cut slices in half, so you don’t end up w/ “rings”); place on top of potatoes.
  3. Place (thawed) roast on top of veggies & add bay leaf to pot.  Cover.
  4. Cook on low for 6-8 hours, or on high for 3 hours.
  5. Remove roast; pull apart/slice.  Serve potatoes/veggies separately.
  6. If desired, use drippings for gravy.  I used a McCormick’s packet instead, b/c I have very little luck with homemade gravy.  I’ll use the drippings for a soup stock, I think.  🙂