From time to time I’ll be adding things to this page.  For now, it’ll remain a basic list of things I’m either looking forward to being able to do again, or looking forward to not having to experience anymore!  The idea is to track the dates that I accomplish these things, or notice a significant difference in that area of my life.

Things I’m Looking Forward to Experiencing (and Enjoying):

  • High energy level
  • Being in photographs – 2/1/2013:  I no longer find myself avoiding the camera!
  • Being fit & beautiful for The Hubby
  • Better sleep10/11/2013:  I’ve noticed over the past few months that I sleep more deeply.  Maybe my “worry” level is going down?
  • Better witness for Christ
  • More closeness w/ my Lord
  • Tying my shoes comfortably
  • Breathing deeply – 10/11/2013:  Maybe because I’ve not been “sucking it in” so much lately (thanks, Baby). . .breathing has been much easier.
  • Unmentionables that fit comfortably
  • Having a stock of healthy, delicious recipes on hand for my family
  • Wearing my rings – occasionally, then comfortably & consistently

Things I’m Looking Forward to NOT Experiencing:

  • Getting winded walking up 1 flight of stairs
  • Daily heartburn – 2/1/2013:  Heartburn is essentially gone. . .unless I eat something specific that triggers it.  But the overly-full, obesity-induced heartburn is GONE!
  • Re-adjusting my belt every few minutes for “comfort”
  • Being asked if I’m pregnant (unless I am, of course!) – 10/11/2013:  Guess I should cross this one off the list!
  • Guilt for every bite I take
  • Less back pain
  • No knee pain
  • Being “marked” by my clothes for hours after changing
  • Bra bulge – 2/1/2013:  This is essentially gone, too.  When I buy new bras, it may change.  I think I’ve dropped a size.  I’ll keep you informed!  Haha
  • Muffintop @ my jeans
  • Feeling my stomach jiggle as I move

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