2014 Bucket List: #19 (Part I)

#19. Make Gramma’s angel food cake & homemade strawberry jam.

Date accomplished:  6/20/2014

Mom came and spent the day with Sweet Pea & me yesterday.  It was absolutely wonderful!  I love seeing my mother in Gramma mode.  It reminds me of her mom and my time with her.  I still think of her all the time, and really really miss her.  I wish I could describe how incredible a woman she was, but I know I couldn’t do her justice.  She’s been my role model for as long as I can remember.  She showed me (and everyone else she knew) what love means.  She was our matriarch, our teacher, our confidant.  And she made a mean angel food cake!

However, that’s what I’ll be making in Part II of this bucket list item.  Yesterday, Mom and I made strawberry jam!  Or is it jelly?  Probably jam.  I haven’t learned the difference yet, though I know there is one.

Yup – just checked the interwebs.  Definitely jam.

Anyway, Mom has made this strawberry jam since I was a kid.  It’s the same recipe that Gramma used, I believe.  It’s your basic Sure-Jell freezer jam recipe.  Talk about simple!  I’d always been intimidated by jam, for some reason.  Now that i know it’s just fruit, sugar, pectin & timing, I’ll not go back to store-bought.  Plus it’s waaaaaay more cost-effective to make your own.  Next, I’d like to learn to can cherries.  That was Mom’s favorite winter-time dessert when we were growing up.  She said it’s a bit more difficult, since it involves a pressure cooker.  Still, I’m excited!  I do need to find a good deal on a pressure cooker soon, though – cherry season won’t last much longer.

strawberry jam 2014

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