I feel like an idiot

Since Sweet Pea was born, I can’t count the number of unsolicited phone calls I’ve received. . . doctors, hospitals, labs, therapists, insurance companies, billing departments. . .on and on it goes. When we changed our health insurance plan, I started getting calls from the “new” company, or so I thought. And I gave them information. Personal medical information. Turns out, they’re a consultant for the insurance company, and are tasked with helping determine our likely cost to them, since the new healthcare laws mean they can’t screen members for much, and nothing medical.

Goodness, gracious, I feel like an idiot.  It’s worse than scammers calling for banking information, and I just gave it to them.  Ugh.  Be forewarned – say you’ll have to call them back, and then look everything up before doing so. Lesson learned.  I hope I’ve not messed anything up for our girl. Our coverage is what it is, so it should be ok, but. . .they can be so difficult to deal with. And I’ve just given them time to research and decide what they want to fight.

I feel like a complete and total idiot.