30 before 30: #8

#8. Host a family (birthday?) party.

Date accomplished:  12/25/2012

Well, I certainly didn’t expect to host Christmas, of all things, but that’s the way life goes!  Hubby’s family was in town over the holidays, and our house was the logical choice to meet.  Unfortunately, it was also supposed to happen the day we got home from Christmas with the other side of our family.  Which happened right after our AR trip.  Gah!

The house wasn’t the cleanest it’s ever been.  And my sweet SIL & I were wrapping gifts in the office 30 minutes past when the party was “supposed” to start, but hey!  It was wonderful.

We laughed so hard, these eight crazy hearts and me.  It was chaos of the most lovely kind.  Not how I expected to satisfy this 30 Before 30 item, certainly.  But I’m glad it happened this way!

Christmas 1

Christmas 2

Christmas 4

Christmas 3

Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom. ~ Psalm 90:12